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Cement rendering on the Gold Coast…

As a family-owned business and operating from our Burleigh Heads Showroom, we take pride in all the rendering work we deliver throughout the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and Brisbane. Satisfied customers, who work with us repeatedly or recommend us to others, are the foundation of our business. Our services are delivered by a team of highly skilled and experienced Renderers and Texture Applicators, Painters and Trades Assistants. In delivering our services, we focus on quality assurance, safety and minimising risk. Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction has led to the rapid growth of GCRT over the years. Check out our new website or call us on 0412 224 433. #gcrt #burleigh #rendering #cementrendering #solidplastering #sandcote #render #luxury #brisbane #goldcoast #naturalmaterials #rockcoteartisans #rockcote #interiordesign #polishedplaster #limeplaster #lime #artisans #naturalmaterials #handcrafted #healthyliving #featurewall #Rockcotemarrakesh #rockcotemarrakesh #rockcotevenetianplaster #polishedplaster #stucco #venetianplaster #limeplaster #smoothset #rockcoterender #rockcotesmoothset

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Cement Rendering, solid plastering…

We explore some of the projects we have completed on the Gold Coast and the products and techniques. In this blog, we will look at some at a range of topics including cement rendering, solid plastering, granolithic toppings, concrete resurfacing, concrete coatings, concrete repairs and polished concrete. We cover the many types of cement rendering, including:
• Classic
• Coloured Renders
• Edwardian Finishes
• Fresco Fashions
• Heritage
• Tuscan Coatings
• White Set Plaster

As Approved Applicators of leading brands, we will look at the various products we use, which include
• Dulux
• Rockcote
• Granosite
• AV Syntex
• Rendec Australia
We have worked closely with many of the companies in developing their products and will share our insights with you.
This blog will also look at other products and services we offer, including:
• Architectural Bands
• Concrete Repair and Patching
• Floor Toppings
• Foam EPS Coatings
• Rockote
• Sandstone Finishes
• Scaffolding
• Specialised Profiles
• Stair Toppings
• Texture Coatings/External Painting.

If you have any questions on any aspect of cement rendering, contact us to suggest a future blog topic.

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